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Cleator Moor men in the Boer War

Cleator Moor is a little out of my area, but I'm able (in normal times) to access Penrith Library to view copies of the Mid-Cumberland and North Westmorland Herald, for research into the Boer War, 1899-1902.

Have come across a letter from a Penrith man (Sergeant-Instructor Richardson, of the Border Regiment, who had been transferred to the Imperial Light Infantry, a South African unit, raised in Durban) published in the paper, which mentions a Cleator Moor man - a Private McAvoy. It was in the Herald's edition of Saturday 3rd February 1900.

"Perhaps it will surprise you to hear that we have more Cumberland and Westmorland men out here in this colonial corps, viz.,...…Private McAvoy, Cleator Moor (half brother of Sergt. Mather); and four more Cleator lads."

The only McAvoy in the Imperial Light Infantry's nominal roll is 740 Private John McAvoy, who enlisted on 15th November 1899 and was discharged on 26th December 1900.

Should anyone know of a McAvoy family in the area around 1900, I'd be interested to learn more. John obviously won't show up in the 1901 UK census.

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