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Hello from Sean

Hi. I'm Sean - your admin.

I'm from Cleator Moor. As a toddler, I lived on Clayton Avenue for a short period of time, and then moved to Mill Hill. I was a typical little monster, and loved being outdoors. I hated school. Didn't we all? On leaving school, I gained a nuclear apprenticeship and joined the local industry when my time was served. Luckily I've been in full time employment with the same company since I was 16 - at the time of writing, that's 36 years. I've always had an interest in local history, and the outdoors. I also had an interest in local politics for a period of time, but I've withdrawn myself from that having witnessed all sorts of shenanigans when someone disagrees with your stance - bullying, vandalism, etc - it all goes on.

I've now returned to what I enjoy doing, instead of getting wrapped up in political nonsense - local history, photography, the outdoors.

Little Ireland is an outlet for me, and has kinda helped me with my sanity. If I could offer up a pearl of wisdom, it would be to steer clear of politics. Its nasty and insane at the same time.

I think that's enough of an introduction from me. Hopefully you'll get to know more about me, and what keeps me ticking when we chat in the threads on the forum.

Au revoir for now.

Sean @ Little Ireland.

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